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holy sheet

2008-08-11 05:07:02 by Ello-Mon2005

Wow it's been awhile since i posted somethin huh? Bet nobody everrr looks at this lil page...To anybody who reads this, message me :) i'll be happy knowing that somebody looked at my userpage, and no i won't bother u if u message me, unless ya want me to :P

and if ur really bored read the post below this XD even i can't remember what it says

Authority and Conformity

2007-12-11 00:15:39 by Ello-Mon2005

just imagine, a world within worlds, wherein lies a paradise of a 85 degree golden sunshine day with a cool breeze. all chaos is consumed in the east side where my throne resides. peace is the west side. south side and north side dont exist. moreover i have diagonal leftways where everything is retro, and diagonal rightways where i keep conformists and all figures of authority that dont serve a purpose somehow affecting me or betterment of all. now zoom out. you are standing in front of a seemingly mild-mannered teenage...geek maybe dork with glasses lookin kinda guy. yeah thats me in a short story depicting my mind's internal workings. if you somehow somereason take the time to read this might as well message me or like leave a comment. can we leave comments? idk if not message me lol i really want to know if anyone has taken somewhere between 3 and 7 minutes reading this. and if you like the picture i included, go ahead and read the Ozy and Millie comics, they could put like a whole new spin on life. or just make you believe im crazy with a kapital k. they wre well worth my spare time. or if u want go back to the summertime paradise. wow i must really dislike winter to write a long drawn out...paragraph thingy on it. oh and the comics thing, no im not advertising them i am subliminally messaging them to myself. and i like them so i spread the word in my own little ways. usually things start small with me, they are my own to hold. then they slowly spread, like a non-lethal euphoria virus among us. hell even my gf likes readin these comics. then again she's kinda odd herself. combine Millie and her mother from the comics, and thats whatcha get. woohoo i love my life now. i ranted and ranted about nothing for half an hour on a post that might never be read by anyone but me. who says glory cant be accomplished by simply trying? if you managed to read all of this without leaving, i want to share my glory with you, in that you are now a small percentage smarter than before you read this. maybe even miniscule but every little bit adds up, like that one time i gave the bank 40 dollars in pennies. i dont think they like me that much anymore.

Authority and Conformity


2007-07-18 14:19:25 by Ello-Mon2005

I have no post, I'm just bored.